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rebecca lieberwirth

Passionate illustrator, designer & animator.
Currently for hire and open to a variety of positions!
Contact for questions and inquiries.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is what makes something go from mundane to magnificent! It's the best way to tell an audience what they're getting into in a visual, yet concise, way. I particularly enjoy designing logo's that have character to them.

Commissioned logo for a cat-family instagram account.

Made using Clip Studio Paint

Commissioned logo for an at-home bagel service.
Made using Procreate

Commissioned logo for a locally-based NYC hockey team
Made using Clip Studio Paint

Design for a volunteer-funded newsletter about zoo and related topics awareness.

Made using Clip Studio Paint and Mailchimp


Illustrating is a beautiful way to tell a story in a single view. I love finding ways of making cohesive pieces, in particular those that represent characters in environments. See a few of my pieces below.

Primarily made digitally with Clip Studio Paint


Designing is one of my favorite artistic endeavors; the freedom of creativity and use visual language bring me a lot of joy and satisfaction. View my character designs and backgrounds below.

Most made in Clip Studio Paint or Procreate.


While I've found love in different ways of creating art, animation was one of my first loves. Very little feelings compare to that of bringing art to life; almost literally! View a few animated tests and my student film below.

Made in Clip Studio Paint

Made in Blender

Made in Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere.

Made in Photoshop

You can also view a few short freelance projects and more student works at


Rebecca Lieberwirth, she/her. 26. Chicago, IL.
After a childhood of drawing and storytelling, I went to school at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design and majored in Animation. Since then I've worked in film editing and odd jobs while freelancing graphic design and illustrating on the side. I'm hoping to continue to grow my skills and find work that will help me tell stories through visual art.


For any work inquiries, please contact me at: